2021 FW Milan Fashion Week



  • The FW 21/22 collection SARAWONG will be launched at Milan Fashion Week with a new name and a new image, with the support and collaboration of Vogue Italia, Wonderland, Nasty and Cake Magazine together.
  • SARAWONG change is an operation that is not only rebranding, nor a simple restyling but coincides with a turning point that clearly indicates SARAWONG desire to appear in first person and speak to her consumer with a direct and contemporary language without neglecting her passion for tradition.
  • Directly from her office/house Sara Wong tells about the path that led her to create a line with her name and explains to her audience how the new collection for next winter was born: 36 looks that retrace the tradition of ancient Mongolian culture mixed with elements that still today characterize the style of this people including bustier, fabric bands used instead of belts, high collars and rich embroidery. Also the color palette reflects the preferred shades of Mongolian women, ranging from brown, burgundy to blue with touch of yellow, pink and lilac, lively and bright colors for a woman with an outgoing temperament.
  • The silhouettes are heavily inspired by traditional outfits of Mongolian Women, especially the shoulders elements, deconstruction and reconstruction are also frequently used throughout this collection. The collection maintains its playfulness of mixing fabrics with a touch of pure femininity.