24 SS Milan fashion show - RHYTHM OF CHINA

  • Rhythm of China(瓷韵)

    SARAWONG’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection takes inspiration from the timeless aesthetics of ancient Chinese ceramics. This collection beautifully captures the graceful forms, pure glazes and exquisite patterns that characterize Song Dynasty ceramics. By fusing these elements with contemporary fashion design, Sara Wong presents an unique blend of Eastern tradition and modern elegance.

    China, with a history spanning five thousand years, of which three thousand years were devoted to a rich culture of porcelain production, is renowned as the “Porcelain Capital”.
    In fact, the word (瓷 cí ) represents “China” while also referring to “porcelain”.
    Chinese ceramic art is a crucial symbol of human civilization, reflecting the aesthetic pursuits of the Chinese people as a form of artistic expression. The people of the Song Dynasty extended the aesthetics of art to all aspects of life, redefining life through art. Art that has thoughtfully been incorporated into this collection, reflecting the profound influence of ancient aesthetics on modern fashion silhouettes.

    The different shapes of the vessels are visible not only on the bags and jewelry, but also on the silhouettes and in the details of this SS24 collection. Arched shapes are featured in cuffs, sleeves, and waist-hip areas, mirroring the rounded arches seen in porcelain. The gentle curves, elegant glazes, and delicate patterns serve as the creative touchpoints for the clothing design. By harmoniously merging traditional ceramic motifs with contemporary fashion silhouettes, SARAWONG establishes a bridge between the past and present, offering a collection that celebrates both history and innovation, celebrating the concept of fusion that the designer has always adhered to. The clothing design extracts the pattern elements that are commonly used in ceramics, combined with the warm and smooth silhouette of porcelain, through the main tone of pink, red, blue, azure to bring the new season’s “Rhythm of China”. A rhythm that celebrates the beauty of women’s diversity in all its forms and styles.

    Chinese culture places great value on symbolism, as Chinese porcelain this collection is also adorned with meaningful motifs and symbols of beauty and femininity that are relevant in China.
    Intricate details and elaborate designs can be interpreted as a nod to the complexity and depth of female beauty, which can be appreciated in many different ways.

    The SS24 collection features vibrant colors and unique textures. The collection incorporates these elements to represent the diversity of female beauty, which can be found in a variety of colors, ethnicities, and shades, bringing harmony and balance. These principles could be applied to female beauty, emphasizing the importance of balance between body, mind, and spirit to achieve
    authentic beauty. It celebrates the intersection of tradition and modernity, offering women a chance to embrace their authentic, diverse, and beautiful selves. Sara Wong encourages the wearer of her garments to confidently embrace their multifaceted nature, whether it be grace, determination,
    gentleness or courage. The collection invites wearers to explore the world with tenacity,
    overcome challenges, and stay true to their inner thoughts.