2022 FW Milan Fashion Week


  • For the SARAWONG fall/winter 2022-2023 collection, the designer was inspired by blue skies, the earth, snow-capped mountains of Tibet that hide the grandeur of the monasteries, their devoted followers, and the colourful fluttering sutra streamers.

    Sara Wong wanted to integrate the traditional culture of Tibet, expressing the desire of having a pure heart and life, by using a mix of contrasting colours and fabrics typical of Tibet to bring the same purity and respect for nature into urban life.

    This season for Milan fashion week, SARAWONG presents the new SUMMIT OF PURITY collection at the Acquario Civico in Milan, surrounded by the greenery of Parco Sempione, immersing the guests in the nature that so inspired her. Entering one of the oldest aquarium in Europe, the various colours of the marine flora and fauna conclude the journey with an immersive experience in Tibet.

    The Tibetan customs that have inspired Sara Wong have a rich history that varies from region to region and, in turn, have been deeply influenced by other ethnic groups, making them richer and more beautiful. The clothes are characterized by a wide waist, a long body and an important belt that originally could be used to repair themselves from the cold temperatures.

    For this Fall/Winter 2022 season, the collection features bright and lively colours, along with more neutral ones such as apricot and brighter and warmer ones like fiery red. Garments for every style and personality will include long enveloping wool coats with typical South Asian patterns, to striped suits reminiscent of the rainbow. There will be game of colours such as plain-coloured dresses embellished with large red, blue, green and black patchworks, keeping the waistline decorated with red amber, coral, turquoise, yellow and applied silver shells.